Uninterrupted function

Construction of functional shelter facilities is shifting more and more from the protection of persons to the protection of functions. We are discussing about so-called functional shelter facilities, where typically data centers and server rooms are placed.

An uninterrupted function is the main starting point for design and building techniques, in particular uninterrupted cooling and electricity play leading roles. Safety and economic factors are so important that the continuous function must be absolutely certain.

Duplicating helps
An uninterrupted function can be achieved through various means. The best and most widely used method is to duplicate systems. And now we talk of truly duplicated systems. For example, a cooling system is built of two independent systems upon which the cooling water production, transfer piping and end user components are all duplicated. If one system fails, the other system will be able to cover the whole need for cooling. Systems built like this usually fulfil the demands of TIER III or TIER IV. The same applies to the electricity reserve power and implementation of distribution systems.

EMP destroys
In addition to component failures it is often desirable to protect systems and components against other threats. These include, e.g. EMP and HPM-weapons, whose electromagnetic pulse will destroy electronical components and paralyze systems. The problem is handled in most cases by placing the equipment into EMP- or HPM-shielded spaces. However, for practical reasons, not all equipment can be installed behind a shield cover. Therefore the most critical aspect of these components, such as water chillers, pumps, etc. should be able to be operated in a non–digital mode, i.e. more or less manually.

Trust in bedrock
The importance of functional shelter facilities and other safety spaces is constantly growing. Each one of us who has followed the news lately knows, that the need is not, at least, declining. Finland has a solid bedrock, which in itself is a good starting point for the construction of safe spaces and it solves many problems. The construction of functional shelters is going underground, into the rock.